Mission Statement

Music is a lifestyle no matter what

Innersource was created by a music lover looking to revolutionize the music magazine from a complete national campaign for national bands, to also incorporating the local genres of music. From Chicago,Illinois, headquarters were setup and the magazine was born. While the magazine was greeted by widespread success in the northern region of the United States, the inevitable move from Chicago to Orlando was made in 1998.

After three years the magazine resurface and was locally distributed throughout southeast with an overtone of Florida musical acts. Constant coverage was hard work but it paid off dearly. Innersource showcased a ton of great talent at their events in the late 90’s 2000 era such as Shinedown, Trivium, Non Point and many others leading to an explosion of characters and connections.

Although the time was right and the industry was rolling, Innersource’s owners were juggling several entertainment based businesses.

The end of an era

After three years and the need for digital print became increasingly popular, Innersource was forced, due to financial restraints, to close shop.

As the new era of technology reared its impeccable head, ideas were tossed around about reinventing the magazine but ultimately talks fell through as the music industry itself was barely recognizable. Through this new way of downloading music, sharing it and music information being brought to the masses with ease, magazines everywhere were struggling to keep the original platforms open. As the definite takeover by digital platforms emerged, you could barely regongnize the old way of journalism even still existed.

At last the ideas the dreams and the goals came to a halt.

A Resurrection

While lying dormant for 15 years, the name Innersource started to interest local musician and journalist, while repeated attempts to acquire the name stalled exploitations soon faded and the idea was once again put on a back burner.

After two years of negotiations Innersource was brought back to life. The idea this time was slightly different than before. Instead of just music Innersource decided to be a full out Media company directly supporting all other magazines and forms of media. In an attempt to unite everyone as close as possible Innersource Media Group was born.

At a time of photography overload, the idea blossomed into full out recording and live broadcasting of concerts, interviewing bands on the red carpet, writing articles for the published website and a healthy dose of Innersource T.V.

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