“Wrightlane Productions have been on a tear latley bringing the heavy music with them” —Chris Windham

A long time ago a dream was born, adversity was had and accomplishments were made. Because of that, a goal was set in place. Fast forward a little bit and youve discovered Wrightlane Productions. A premier artist managment, artist development/promoter and all around industry professional. Innersource Media Group would like to welcome them to the Florida family of developers.

Wrightlane Productions is on a tear lately bringing the heavy music with them, although a long music career has previously been had by this company they are furnishing the country with fresh music and undeniable talent. With bands such as Actus Reus, Dead Reckoning, I alone and many many more on the roster of Wrightlanes management and booking division, everyone seems to be enjoying the business deals and goals set forth by this fabulous company.

Actus Reus a Wrightlane Production artist with their hit single ”Cultist” featuring Taylor Barber (Left to Suffer)

With the aggressive Georgia marketing style and the good ole fashion family values Wrightlane has been welcomed with open arms and open hearts. Please visit their social media pages and view their calendar of events and the roster of great talent they have. This company is one booking agency that you wont want to sleep on.

Check out Wrightlane Productions socialmedia pages, give them a like follow and share. Let them know we appreciate the wholesome family values aproach. Evey now and again a company comes along to shake things up, we’ll, i belive weve found our next contender.