It started off as a regular event in Daytona Beach just as it has for the last 79 years.

The weather was fantastic the people were frenzied and they were all having a great time. Then outta nowhere the Coronavirus reared its ugly head.

The bikes were beautiful but the attitudes among vendors quickly went south, the city implemented a ban and pulled all outside permits on the biggest day of week.

The Coronavirus has invaded the country and there is a worldwide “Pandemic” on our hands. Bikeweek was scheduled to go off without a problem, the thing was public safety. There were very different opinions among the crowd ranging from “it’s a hoax” to “just make sure you wash your hands and you’ll be fine”. Nonetheless bikeweek kept moving.

Although the overtones were albeit good the underlying tones rumbled as hard as the event had been for the last 78 years. It quickly went from all out party

to utter, screeching halt! Tents and booths alike looked liked there was never an event at all. Frowns replaced smiles, sadness and anger replaced joy. All in all, it was sad to see all the hard working people and hard working vendors have to pack it up after investing so much time and money into these two days alone

The city of Daytona Beach, Florida is a resilient city, it has, time and time again proven the ability to face adversity in these kind of events. Yesterday’s past includes memeroble times and vacations among family all over the world, MTV, BCR, Spring Bling, the Nationals and many many more. Daytona Beach will bounce back and keep the good times rolling just as its name states, it the “Worlds Most Popular Beach”

Atlantic Ave.

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