Thursday, September 21, 2023

Check Out IAN ABEL BAND New Blues Rock Gem, “Why Boston?!

Louisville, KY Based IAN ABEL BAND has released his newest, blues / psychedelic rock single, “Why Boston?”. Featuring the inimitable front-man’s incredible guitar and vocals, “Why Boston” showcases why IAN ABEL is a favorite of All Elite Wrestling and legacy pro-wrestling super star CODY RHODES!
“‘Why Boston?’ Is an angry, rage fueled heartbreak song that delves into the realms of progressive and psychedelic rock. It was actually the first tune I taught Kenny Schwartz when he auditioned for the band with then powerhouse bassist, and Houston native, Corey Dozier. It was still a big work in progress when we brought Kenny in to audition, but Corey thought it would be a fun way to test out how quick we could gel together with a new song. Both halves of the song were fleshed out, but the brief noise section in the middle would come later as it was a byproduct of a 2+ minute, Mars Volta inspired, free jazz section that was excluded from the final recording. The band still activates that section live, but at the insightful questioning of Jon Graber, we thought it would be better to not add any more time to the already 4 minute song. The video is comprised of archival footage of a few iterations of the band playing it out at the Viper Room. Based off the haircuts, mainly 2018.” – IAN ABEL
Outlaw Back whyBoston
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Ian Abel Band is a Louisville, Kentucky based rock outfit fronted by international award winning guitarist Ian Abel, and made up of accomplished studio and touring musicians.Originally from Louisville Kentucky, Ian Abel, connected with New York drummer, Kenny Schwartz, and high school friend, Westray Tackett, in Los Angeles in early 2017. Together with the help of their friend and master audio engineer, Jon Graber, they began tracking an 11 song album in 2018 at United Recording.The first song released from that recording session, titled “Shoes”, gained global recognition when it was licensed by All Elite Wresting for a promotional video for the historic fight between Cody & Dustin Rhodes at the company’s inaugural pay-per-view, Double or Nothing. The video was nominated for best song/score in a trailer by the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.Cody & AEW then requested another song from Ian, “Not Afraid To Die”, which was used to promote the match between Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin, where Darby went on to win TNT Championship at AEW’s pay-per-view, Revolution.Ian’s latest release, “Eyes On You” was featured on an Official Apple Music Playlist‘New In Rock’, and was quoted as “creating an expansive, stadium-ready rock sound,” in a featured write up by popular regional radio station 91.9 WFPK.Ian Abel Band has also played and headlined famous Los Angeles venues like The TroubadourViper RoomWhisky A Go-Go & Hotel Cafe, Nashville’s The Basement and in 2022 Ian began touring as the lead guitar player for country music legend, T. Graham Brown. Big guitars, big drums and even bigger hooks. That’s what Ian & Ian Abel Band, is all about.
IMG 2392IAN ABEL Performing with T. Graham Brown

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