Thursday, September 21, 2023

AUGURIUM Takes A Fresh Look At Canadian Death Metal With “Ancient Grimoire” Off New Album “Unearthly Will” Out August 2023 + Tour Dates

Canada’s Augurium was formed in the summer of 2015 by like-minded individuals who have a drive and a thirst for heavy, filthy riffs and low guttural screams. Augurium quickly completed their line-up and played their first show supporting Evilheart (Mexico) and jumped into the studio to record their debut EP “Omen” along with touring throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Their first full-length “Unhallowed Ascendance” was unleashed in 2018 and was a stepping stone of straight-up brutal death metal for the band. Evolving over the years, along with a new lineup, their sound has transformed now into a more refined, darkened, carefully crafted monstrous offering with their sophomore album “Unearthly Will” this coming August 2023. “Unearthly Will” was a challenging, yet rewarding one for Augurium. All of the writing and recording was done remotely by each individual member at their homes (3 members in Saskatchewan – Regina, Saskatoon and 2 members in British Columbia). Their independent technical knowledge and their constant communication with each other of the quintet made this project come to fruition naturally.The first single off the forthcoming album is “Ancient Grimoire”, a haunting and guttural monstrosity. The band explains more:

Musically this was the first time we’ve ever introduced any form of clean singing into an Augurium song. Although it’s blended with some very evil and filthy guttural lines, it’s honestly haunting when you hear all of the vocal lines paired with the orchestral background pieces. Lyrically there is a theme of finding synchronicities between books across a wide variety of authors and time periods in an abstract fashion.”Listen to “Ancient Grimoire” at the following links:YouTube – https://youtu.be/fbQvz6Bdr7Q​Spotify – https://spoti.fi/3r8wzC2​Bandcamp – https://augurium.bandcamp.com/track/ancient-grimoire“Unearthly Will” is a fresh take on what Canadian death metal has to offer. With slamming riffs in a variety of time signatures and genre-blending aspects, over a finely executed percussion and rhythm section. It is recommended for fans of Lorna Shore, Septicflesh, and Belphegor.In addition to the full-length’s release, Augurium will be setting off on tour in August and September with select Western Canadian dates. (listed below)“Unearthly Will” is due out on August 25, 2023, and is available for pre-order athttps://augurium.bandcamp.com.Tour Dates: 
w/ Hooker Spit & Raising The Ruins.
Aug 25 – Vancouver, BC – Astoria 
Aug 26 – Kelowna, BC – Dunnezies Pizza
Aug 27 – Kamloops, BC – Blue Grotto

w/ Kryotic
Aug 30 – Edmonton, AB – Rendezvous pub
Aug 31 – Calgary AB – Nvrland

w/ Cell and Krytotic
Sept 1 – Saskatoon, SK – Black Cat Tavern
Sept 2 – Regina, SK – The Exchange

1. Inquisition of the Possessed – 3:15
2. Phantom Parallax – 3:15
3. Sanguine – 2:58
4. Ancient Grimoire – 4:27
5. Inceptus Mysteria – 3:17
6. Unearthly Will 2:53
7. As Above… So Below – 3:19
8. Invictus – 3:49
Album Length: 27:16More info: Facebook.com/AuguriumSK | Instagram.com/auguriumband

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