The American-made melancholy wasteland known as Oblivion Gate returns with their sophomore release, “Flowers in the Wreckage of Dreams”; the gloomiest of 90s lo-fi Trip-hop rhythms merge with the grungy doom metal of their ATMF debut “Wisdom of the Grave” to a transformative and despairing perversion of pop music and murky industrial nihilism. 

On a symbolic level, “Flowers in the Wreckage of Dreams” wraps it’s narrative around the utter annihilation of an innocent spirit and thereby subsequent metamorphosis into a darker, lower form of life into exalted glory. 

Though formed in the frozen urban perennial darkness of Finland, the American goth rock origins of Oblivion Gate are pure and undeniable as the deepest cuts of Type O Negative are vocally reminiscent and the reckless endangerment of Antichrist Superstar pervades in electronic execution. 

This is clandestine spiritual sedation for deathwish purveyors of suicidal decadence


01. Drag Me Into You (FI-3FC-23-72101)
02. Pretty When She’s Sick (FI-3FC-23-72102)
03. Scarred Angelic Veins (FI-3FC-23-72103)
04. Asunder (FI-3FC-23-72104)
05. Chase a Sunset (FI-3FC-23-72105)
06. Lock Without a Key (FI-3FC-23-72106)
07. Sewers of Heaven (FI-3FC-23-72107)
08. You Spin Me Right Round (Dead or Alive cover) (FI-3FC-23-72108)

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