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Shores Of Null Remind Us Of Ephemeral Beauty In Doomy “The Last Flower” Off “The Loss Of Beauty”

Shores Of Null Remind Us Of Ephemeral Beauty In Doomy “The Last Flower” Off “The Loss Of Beauty”

New Album “The Loss Of Beauty” Out March 2023

Two years after releasing their doom metal opus, Rome’s Shores Of Null is preparing to wash listeners away with another wave of dreary, melancholic doom metal. “The Loss Of Beauty” once again ties thunderous music and ethereal vocals together in a sound that is as grief-stricken as it is cathartic. The second single, presented in video form is “The Last Flower”, which vocalist Davide Straccione comments on:

“This song has, in my opinion, one of the best choruses of the album, and I also feel very connected to the lyrics. I pictured a future where everything is dying and there’s but a flower left alive in this world that must be saved at all costs, even with our own life if it means saving our future. It’s a metaphor that encloses the main theme in ‘The Loss Of Beauty’, which is preserving beauty no matter what. It is a reminder that everything is ephemeral”

Straccione goes on to explain that amongst all the doom metal bands around, what sets them apart is the way they approach the melody, especially the vocals. They don’t just growl over the music but try to interact with it, with both clean and harmonized vocals, and harsh ones too. They try to recreate the vocal harmonies live too with the rest of the band pitching in to accentuate the choruses. They put emphasis on visuals as well, something that can be seen in the music videos accompanying and at times influencing the upcoming singles.

Shores Of Null can be overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time, trading off between gothic-doom vibes and blackened aggression. Their music stands out for its melancholic yet majestic vibe, made of choral-like guitar textures exploiting their full range, sustained by a powerful rhythmic section and punctuated by a refined brew of clean and growled vocals, with a large use of vocal harmonies which have become one of the band’s trademark through the years. They are recommended for fans of Amorphis, Enslaved, and Swallow The Sun.

Watch and listen to “The Last Flower” via its premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

“The Loss Of Beauty” is due out March 24th, 2023.

Album pre-order (Digital, CD, Vinyl) – https://linktr.ee/thelossofbeauty

Music Video – “Nothing Left To Burn” – https://youtu.be/wuP14Dgx4F4

Track Listing:
1. Transitory – 1:20
2. Destination Woe – 4:52
3. The Last Flower – 4:59
4. Darkness Won’t Take Me – 4:14
5. Nothing Left To Burn – 4:55
6. Old Scars – 4:23
7. The First Son – 2:17
8. A Nature In Disguise – 6:26
9. My Darkest Years – 4:56
10. Fading As One – 5:19
11. A New Death Is Born – 4:54
Album Length: 48:40
Bonus Tracks (CD and digital only)
12. Underwater Oddity – 4:18
13. Blazing Sunlight – 1:57

Shores Of Null is:
Davide Straccione – Vocals
Gabriele Giaccari – Guitars
Raffaele Colace – Guitars
Matteo Capozucca – Bass
Emiliano Cantiano – Drums

For more info: Spikerot.com/ | Shoresofnull.com | Facebook.com/shoresofnull | Instagram.com/shoresofnull | Twitter.com/shoresofnull

About: Shores of Null stand out from their contemporaries with their ability to blend seemingly disparate elements into their sound, overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time: blackened aggression stands alongside gothic-doom sections without either sounding out of place. Their music can be both melancholic yet majestic, made of chorale-like guitar textures across the instrument’s entire range, sustained by a powerful rhythmic section and punctuated by a refined mixture of clean and growled vocals, along with extensive use of pleasing vocal harmonies which have become the band’s trademark through the years.

The Rome-based metal band has been an unwavering presence within the metal underground since their musical outset in 2013, churning out three impressive records: the melodic and somber “Quiescence” (Candlelight, 2014), the darker and more complex “Black Drapes For Tomorrow” (Candlelight/Spinefarm, 2017), and finally their most ambitious work to date “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)” (Spikerot Records, 2020), a 38-minute long opus which continues to prove the band’s willingness to go off the beaten path while creating their ultimate doom manifesto. 

The band’s fourth album “The Loss Of Beauty”, recorded during the same sessions of “Beyond The Shores”, is expected to be released in March of 2023. 

– 30 –

Shores of Null continues to impress and expand upon their doomy sound. An epic-length track worthy to sit amongst the best of these ventures (Edge of Sanity, Insomnium). Emotionally fulfilling and musically satisfying all at once.” – Dead Rhetoric (Best-of 2020)

“this album definitely is one of the best Doom Metal pieces I had the pleasure to look at in 2020. Once you plunge into its astonishing flow, there will be no escape from that majestic march through soaring soundscapes to those tear-drenched horizons.” – Rock Music Raider (Best of 2020)

“it’s certainly ambitious (video for “Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying)”), but if you have the time, it’s worth the watch. Steeped in quality and excellent videography, it definitely deserves the attention for the amount of effort used.” – Metal Injection

“Shores of Null rolled the dice with Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying) and delivered in a big fucking way… Shores of Null have crafted something special; a heart-wrenchingly emotive and beautiful journey of sorrow, anguish, pain, and acceptance. Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying) is a splendidly sombre, brilliantly written opus of commanding death-doom that demands attention.” – Teeth of The Divine

“this album is phenomenal, both in terms of concept and its monumental delivery… with this magnum opus [Shores Of Null] have proved their position front and centre as depressed doom-titans…” – The Sleeping Shaman

“Beyond The Shores (On Death and Dying)” is a near perfect, monumental achievement of doom. I can’t imagine any fan of the style not finding something here to enjoy.” – Metal Temple

“An enchanting, gloomy opus.” – Moshville Times

“A single track of incredibly well-realised melodic doom metal, layered with all sorts of treats and nuanced delivery.” – Wonderbox Metal

“A piece of delicious despair, delivered on a platter of storm-ridden and excellently executed Doom Metal. A record that left anybody else in the genre in 2020 quaking in their wake.” – Rock Music Raider

“their most intricate and brooding work to date… grandiose emotional impact.” – Metal Storm

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