Thursday, September 21, 2023


ROADKILLERTeams Up with Friends and Members ofTurbonegro, CKY, Municipal Waste,Obituary and ExmortusCreates a Serious Pop Metal Opus TitledPick of the Litter 
Out Now!Roadkiller Album Cover.jpgphoto credit: Scott Kinkade
With Special Guest Drummers: Dave Witte (Municipal Waste), Jess Margera (CKY),Donald Tardy (Obituary), Tommy Akerholdt (Turbonegro) and Adrian Aguilar (Exmortus)
“Here is my Pick of the Litter. Finally it is out! Meeting and recording with these amazing drummers was such a great experience. Thanks TommyDaveJessDonald and Adrian for being a part of it.”
Order ROADKILLER Pick of the Litter here:  Roadkiller.bandcamp.com
Track Listing – Guest Drummers:
1. Back with a Vengeance – Donald Tardy2. Night Rider – Adrian Aguilar3. Pick of the Litter – Tommy Akerholdt4. Like the Crow – Jess Margera5. Slicker than Oil – Dave Witte6. As the Waters Rise – Donald Tardy7. Inside Job – Adrian Aguilar8. Seven Seas – Dave Witte9. Isobel Gowdie – Jess Margera10. Fenrir – Donald Tardy
Phillipa Tank is ROADKILLERPhillipa is the vocalist, singer and composer of the music and lyrics of all of the songs on the record. She is also the guitarist and founding member of all girl Motorhead tribute band, Motorbabe
Five guest drummers participated in the recording of the upcoming ROADKILLER album, Pick of the LitterDave Witte (Municipal Waste), Jess Margera (CKY), Donald Tardy (Obituary), Tommy Akerholdt (Turbonegro) and Adrian Aguilar (Exmortus)Phillipa invited each drummer to record a song that best fit each drummer’s style of playing. Each session was filmed and a total of five videos will be produced.

ROADKILLER Social Media Links:
instagram @roadkillerofficial
Upcoming shows:
June 10th Century Bar (Philadelphia)June 25th: The Rock Room (Pittsburgh)July 2nd: Millhill Basement (Trenton)July 8th: The Rock Room (Pittsburgh)July 9th: Maple Grove (Cleveland)August 14th: Holy Frijoles (Baltimore) 
ROADKILLER Pick of the Litter Press: 
https://newnoisemagazine.com/video-premiere-roadkiller-pick-of-the-litter/photo credit: Scott Kinkade
Phillippa and Dave Witte - Phillippa_s preferred shot.jpgDave Witte and Phillipa TankRoadkiller approved photo for Like The Crow.jpeg Jess Margera and Phillipa TankRoadkiller Adrian and Phillipa.jpgAdrian Aguilar and Phillipa TankRoadkiller with Donald Tardy.jpgDonald Tardy and Phillipa TankRoadkiller with Tommy.jpg

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