It was a packed house last night as Supa Dave hosted the return of what he called a “Family Reunion”. We saw the return of SOULSWITCH, TRAVERSER & BLAINE THE MONO but also the addition of 2 bands who I personally had never seen before and will never forget. LYBICA took the stage first with their very technical and transformative style. Usually, I am photographing and can’t always enjoy the music as I set up shots. Videotaping allowed me to really listen and enjoy the trip their music takes you on. Their music has bite but is interweaved with hypnotic riffs and together transforms you to another place.

Next up the band BREED took the stage. I should correct my last statement and say they took the stage and the crowd hostage. I had never heard of this band, but I can tell you they were a crowd favorite. They are all young and in their early twenties several fans and family members told me. I was surprised to hear they had only been together a couple of years but commanded the stage like a band that had been on the road for many. What LYBICA started, BREED took it and ran with it. Throughout the night Supa Dave started each band out with some pretty interesting and provocative comedy updates, as well as music news. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can hear all of Florida’s best local bands on SUPA DAVES show NATIVE NOISE on WJRR.

The next band up was BLAINE THE MONO. They have been involved in the Orlando music scene for several years. Other than the addition of a new drummer the band has remained the same. I found this out when I noticed a young woman wearing a t-shirt that said, “I have Dibbs on the drummer”. Yep, that was her guy. BLAINE THE MONO tore through the set and never missed a beat. Next up SOULSWITCH took the stage. There isn’t much to say about this band because the fan response said it all. You can always tell when a band is connecting. The crowd just moves in tighter. Fresh off playing WJRR’S EARTHDAY BIRTHDAY, they as always packed them in and destroyed stage. Last night was no different.

The final band was TRAVERSER. Not to be bias but they are one of my favorite bands. I was able to photograph them at the HOB years ago. I was upset at the time because they were bathed in fog and multiple-colored lights, and virtually impossible to photograph. I realized that like LYBICA, TRAVERSERS music takes you somewhere else. It’s like a form of hypnotic rock and last night at the Haven missing their guitarists who was sick, they played as a 3-piece band once again. Credit to their guitarist who realized he would not make the show and actually prerecorded himself so he could be added to the night’s music. I have included only 2 songs from each band. I would have loved to have given you the entire show and in the future we at INNERSOURCE may start doing that, but for now we really hope next time you will come out and see these bands perform live.

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