Once again Earthday Birthday is upon us, the time of year when great bands alike align in, Orlando, Fl.

For 26 consecutive, successful tries in a row perfection has long been a product of WJRR 101. and the list of people and businesses it takes to pull this off. Through the bludgeoning summers florida has, to its icy winter winds, the spring time has graced us with this great event.

With the setting of the sun comes a magical, musical and mostly spiritual journey into the rest of the night, with the light show and sound system to use and stimulate your immediate senses,

this surely will solidify your idea of one hell of a concert. The day opens with an excitement in the air, the smell, the sights, the people, they’re all a huge part of this magical experience.

As you make you’re way to into the area’s inner circle you’ll notice vendors of all sorts that typically are at concerts. After taking a trip around the grounds the excitement builds, basking in the opportunity to catch your favorite band,

you must claim an area and stick to it because getting in and out of the area may prove a little tough. Nonetheless the Sponsors have provided adequate amenities for their patrons which exceeds above and beyond all expectations. WJRR 101.1 Have acquired the best in the business and they are a class act all the way up to the top. Once night fall hits the senses explode and the rest is magic,

bringing back times and dates of magical things in ones life that can only be disturbed by music. To manifest the emotions of a concert like Earthday Birthday is one of the best feelings you can experience, scroll to the bottom and check out the photos from EDBD 26, reserve your tickets now and join Innersource Media Group, WJRR 101.1 and all the bands and sponsors for Earthday Birthday 27.

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